Top Four 2017 Highlights

Top Four 2017 Highlights

As 2017 is quickly drawing to a close I though now would be an ideal time to look back on the year. Read on to view my reflections on the four best things that have happened to me this year:

1) I went to Edinburgh with my closest friend

Edinburgh is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to go back again someday. We visited a few museums, went on a ghost tour and visited the castle (among many other things). We were only really there for two days but gosh did we make the most of it. I really want to go back with my parents because I know they would really love it, particularly my dad as he  loves history. Edinburgh’s history is so rich and present everywhere you look.

Check out my blog post about it to see more pics.

2) I went to Comic Con in London with my family

I have been to a few local Comic Cons (mostly the Birmingham and Telford ones) and really enjoyed them. So it seemed natural to want to give the London one a go. My parents both got super into it. My mum cosplayed as a character from Star Trek and I went for a female!Newt Scamander costume. You can’t beat going to London with a wand and Niffler.

I managed to just buy a few things from the stalls. Mainly YOI merchandise. I was mainly there to take in the atmosphere and see all the cosplays. The only thing I missed out on was meeting a few Youtubers because by the time we had done everything else on our list I was simply too tired to find where they were. But apart from that it was a brilliant day.

3) I got a permanent job

I have never been offered a permanent job before so this was a bit of lifetime achievement for me. Now I feel like I need to work harder than ever to keep proving my worth! I do enjoy my job so I think I’ll stay put and develop myself for a while before looking for a new challenge.

I wrote a blog post about it a few months ago.

4) I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre in London

This play is amazing. I know not everyone rates the script but I enjoyed the script even before I saw the play so watching it play out on the stage was a dream come true. Especially because it was a  birthday present to myself which I had bought over a year beforehand. The special effects, the acting, the cloak choreography, it was all off the chart amazing. I wish I could see it again.

I wrote a bit about it in a sunday recap post at the time.

Most of my highlights involved travel so I definitely want to continue making travel a priority in 2018. What are your 2017 highlights and do you have plans already for events in 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

Ren x

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