Spoil Me Rotten

Spoil Me Rotten

I unashamedly love spoilers.  I prefer to know what’s going to happen in a piece of media I plan to experience than be taken by surprise.  This is not because I hate surprises as such. The fact of the matter is that I am simply impatient.

Stories are my jam, they make me excited. I’m hungry for great narrative twists and I am more than prepared to spoil my meal in order to get a full sample of the flavours to come. Especially when I’m checking out book fandoms on Tumblr. Tumblr is a great place to find fandom activity and it’s as easy as pie to look up a spoiler tag for your relevant fandom. Can the comments be misleading without context? Perhaps, but that can add to the fun. I’m majorly into researching books before I read them so I will read several different versions of a spoiler to piece together the clues. I also love finding spoiler reviews on places like Goodreads.

In this post I’m mostly discussing my love of spoilers in terms of books, but generally whether it’s about books, films, games or TV shows, I always go out of my way to search out spoilers.

So, let me break down some of my reasons for spoiler seeking:

1) I can make sure that a book contains the kind of themes, characters and ending that I want to read about.

2) I can increase my anticipation to interact with a book (just because I know what’s going to happen, doesn’t mean I’m going to be less delighted with it when I get around to reading it first hand for myself).

I know my tastes so if I can find hints of the stuff I’m looking for, I won’t be able to hold myself back from finally reading that book.

3) I can gauge how enthusiastic other readers are about a book via the way they engage with it, whether that be in depth analysis of characters and their motivations or arty renderings of powerful scenes.

I know the spoiler filled essays, art, commentary, reactions, etc, will mean more when I’ve read the book in question and that is why  spoilers make me want to read the book even more than I did previous to encountering the spoiler, if that makes sense. I feed off  the enthusiasm of fans (in a totally un-weird way).

For me the very word ‘spoiler’ feels inappropriate in my situation.  It’s about finding tasters to sate my thirst for a book and get an idea of whether it fits the bill for the kind of story I’m looking for. It’s about engaging with the enthusiasm people have for a story, twists and all.

Of course, I’m only speaking for myself here. I’m not encouraging others to change their ways if they make an effort to avoid all spoilers. I’m just offering an explanation for why I am such a spoiler addict.

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