Recent Absence

Recent Absence

I haven’t been on the blog much over the past few weeks, unfortunately. I had just gotten back into the swings of things too! I was posting a review every week and doing the odd Top Ten Tuesday. So why did it all stop suddenly? Well…

Sometimes life can be a roller coaster (and I’m not a particular fan of roller coasters). 

Let’s start with a ride down: At the end of July I found out my grandma is very sick so my family and I packed up our bags and travelled across the country to see her for a weekend. I hadn’t seen my grandma for over a year, so it was really important for me personally to check in with her before her operation. The operation has gone okay, with only a little complication so now everything going forward is about making her better. Unfortunately the main ‘cure’ makes you feel quite ill in itself. She’s going to need long term treatment but I’m thankful she’s getting it even if it is intense treatment.

The same weekend I visited my grandma, I found out an internal job had been posted where I work. It was basically the exact same job I’m doing now but way better paid. I knew this was going to happen soon. You see, my current contract is as a trainee so it had to end in September. You can’t be a trainee forever. Which meant I either needed to find a job elsewhere or a job internally. My boss managed to create one internally that was basically my job but as a proper member of staff so I was pretty keen to apply for it. Thankfully I managed to get shortlisted for interview.

The interviews were yesterday. I’ve never felt so stressed before an interview. I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking! It felt even worse because I had to do the interview in front of people I know super well. But I managed to get through it and I didn’t feel terrible afterwards. This was helped by the fact that I left the interview with a birthday card, signed by all my colleagues, and a courgette.

I thought I wouldn’t hear back about the interview until tomorrow but I got a missed call from my boss the same afternoon. When I called her back she offered me the job! I’ve never been so stunned and relieved. 

Getting the job means I can concentrate on my next adulting aim: get my driving license. I’m terrified but I’m sure I can manage it somehow… At least I’ll have the money to do it now!

Speaking of adulting, it’s my birthday this Thursday. I feel like I can enjoy it in piece now I know I have a job for another year. The rest is of this week should be pretty exciting. I’m going shopping tomorrow and on Friday I’m going on an epic trip to London which I can’t wait to tell you guys about when I get back.

All of this to say, I’m sorry for being absent recently. 

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  1. 5th September 2016 / 9:09 am

    Oh well done on the interview and getting the job. They’re obviously happy with what you’re doing and you must be well liked (cos of the card).

    Oh and happy birthday and good luck with the next step in the adulting timeline. I’m 48 and am pretty bloody sure I’m going backwards!
    Deborah recently posted…Book review: Sting by Sandra BrownMy Profile

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