On the Plus Side (5) Jan 2017 Wrap Up

On the Plus Side (5) Jan 2017 Wrap Up

On the Plus Side is a feature on my blog that covers the positive things that have happened to me recently.

Oh my gosh. January has flowed by way too quickly! I’m still getting over how quickly 2016 zoomed by and now it’s happening again this year. Can everything please slow down?!

Here are some of my highlights from last month:

I now use a Book Journal

One of my main goals for this year is to keep a book journal to record my reading. I’m using one created by a company called Busy B. It’s got separate sections for book reviews, books on loan, books to read and book club notes.

I’ve been diligently filling it out since late December, which is surprising because I’ve never been very good at journaling consistently.

I acted Like an Adult (at times)

In an effort to be more grown up I applied for a provisional driving licence. Now I finally have ID for when I want to buy age rated games and movies. Oh, and I can learn to drive and all that malarkey.

The other adult thing that happened is that the business I work for won an award and we all had to stand in the foyer with the certificate for a photo and there were articles about it in the local papers so that was pretty cool.

Unicorn biscuits!

I spent a few weekends working on baking projects this month. My star bake was definitely my unicorn biscuits. Please excuse my poor decorating skills!

These came about because I got a unicorn cookie cutter off the internet and I was desperate to use it as soon as possible. Fact about me: I am notorious for loving unicorns. I’m sure there are much worse things to be notorious for.

I even mentioned unicorns in a job interview once (not recommended) and I still got the job. I think it was a question about how I try to make other members of a team like me or something like that. I’ve been trying to scrub that interview from my mind so the memories are a little hazy…

Howl’s Moving iPad 

I’ve been thinking about getting an iPad for months. Last week I finally gave in to my urges and purchased one. I’ve gone for the iPad Air 2. I love it so much. In fact, I’m using it right now to write this post. I’ve gone for a pink case for the moment and personalised it a little bit by popping  a Howl’s Moving Castle inspired sticker on it (purchased from Redbubble).

I can’t believe how good everything looks on an iPad! Photos, films, anime. It all looks stunning. I’m so happy to own my iPad, especially considering my old Kindle Fire has seen better days.

Crunchyroll is the app I’ve used the most so far, to be honest. Yuri on Ice looks pretty awesome on it. My second most used app is probably the Bear app (it’s for notes and things). I’ve been using it to type u notes to turn into blog posts and also to write some fiction.

You’re a wizard, Harry Ren!

I now officially own a wand. A replica of Newt Scamander’s wand from the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, to be precise. It is an absolutely wonderful thing to own and I just want to hold it all the time ❤️. I’m hoping to use it as part of my cosplay for the next London MCM Comic Con. I’ve never been to a London Comic Con before so I am beyond excited. Let me know if you’ve ever been before or are planning on going this year!

What I read in January

Confession time: I didn’t read very much in January. So, all that talk of being good about filling in my book journal is not as impressive as it sounds when you realise I haven’t had a lot to put in it so far. The only novel I read was The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain. It was so good. Expect a review on the site soon 😁 It’s also currently book of the month at Waterstones so do check it out if it sounds like your kind of thing.

Apart from that I read a few volumes of the manga series Kiss Him, Not Me!. I’ve read four volumes now and I’m a bit addicted! But I’m going to wait until I get paid again before I buy any more volumes (or until there’s a sale, they are quite expensive on kindle).

 Listening to in January

I am in love with I See You, the newest album from The xx. Those trumpet flares throughout the album are just 👌

What did you get up to in January?

Ren x

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