Dear Bookish Friend (who I wish existed…)

Dear Bookish Friend (who I wish existed…)

One thing I’m really missing in day to day life is a friend who I can discuss books with. I mean, I have had friends who like to read, but they weren’t the type to fangirl about it. Reading wasn’t their main hobby. There was always something else they were much more passionate about, which was fine. We respected each others likes and dislikes and still had plenty to bond over as friends.

But there’s still a part of me that longs for a bookish friend who is just as vocal about their love for reading as I am.

Sometimes I daydream about the the things I would do with a bookish friend so here’s my list, dear friend who does not exist, of the things we would get up to:

  • Buddy reads – it would be like a mini book club between the two of us. We’d tweet and text each other with reactions as we read and we’d come up with in jokes and references that only we would understand.
  • Attend author events – we would regularly plot and scheme an adventure (of Hobbit worthy preportions) to meet our favourite authors together.
  • Share book recommendations – I would always be telling you to read The Goblin Emperor until you get sick of me talking about it, and when I’m in reading slump you would suggest the perfect book to get me out of it.
  • Compete in reading challenges – rivalry between friends is healthy, right?
  • Compare notes – oh, the deep conversations we would have about our favourite characters. We would have so many headcanons and debates on character motivations.
  • Share theories –  while we waited for the final book in our favourite series to be released  we would trade theories obsessivly and get hyped every time a new snippet is released.

I don’t believe that reading has to be a solitary experience. I blog because I want to share my thoughts on books with others. Literature is one of the few topics I feel confident talking about.

Perhaps the real problem is that I’m not doing enough to look for a friend to do these things with? I ‘m the first to admit that I’m introverted and shy. Engaging and connecting with people isn’t my strong suit.

But maybe one day I’ll find a friend to do all these things with all the same 😉

Do you have a bookish friend? What do you get up to together?

Ren x

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