Another year, another rambling blog post.

Another year, another rambling blog post.

Reflections on Last Year

Time can be an idle thing, dawdling from moment to moment. Time can also be a fleeting beast, flying by in a flash as if it has somewhere far better to be.

For me, time in 2018 sped by as per the latter description. Everything went far too fast and I can barely pin down the events in sequence. I think in many respects it was a transition year. That murky gap between A and B.

That’s not to say that nothing happened. I went to London Zoo and Colchester Zoo. I also visited Mablethorpe. I went to a funeral. I smiled a lot. I cried a lot. I passed my driving theory test and started taking driving lessons. I talked more at work. I went to London Film and Comic Con. I conquered my fear of sloths. (Not in this order.)

I grew up, in a way, but I also realised just how much more growing up I need to do and it’s a tad frightening.

I’m still trying to nail down who I am now and who I want to be.

I did not blog very often. I’m still not sure why I have a blog really. It’s like this strange void of a place that is fuelled by potential. I have all sorts of ideas for things to do with it… but actually implementing ideas? Well, apparently that’s a step too far me, at least that was the case last year.

Wishes for the Year Ahead

But all that talk of the past aside, would you care to take a short stroll with me down the well trodden road of goals and resolutions?

Yes? Splendid.

In a smart little list I present to you my wishes and goals for 2019:

1) Pass the practical driving test- I am not a natural driver. I have to work damn hard. But the hard work will surely pay off at some point, right? I’ve been taking lessons since the end of July 2018 so hopefully it should be a safe bet that I can pass the test this year.

2) Apply for a new job – I went through so much to get a permanent position with my current employer that it seems kind of blasphemous to look elsewhere. But frankly my current job sometimes makes me quite unhappy and I don’t think you should keep things that make you unhappy in your life if you don’t need to. There’s no harm in seeing what else is out there.

3) Savour the good times- it’s very easy to dwell on negative things and to let the good moments zoom out of view. I need to make more of an effort to make the most of the good times as they happen.

4) Don’t take people for granted- no one will be around forever and you cannot turn back time.

5) Work on writing a story every day- over the Christmas holidays I have gotten a lot of joy out of creative writing and found more personal purpose as I carry out research, plan scenes and write paragraphs of narrative. I want to continue to engage with this project throughout the coming year because it’s making me happy.

6) Live for myself more often- sometimes I get too caught up trying to live up to other people’s expectations that I forget that this is actually my life and I can do what I like with it.

7) Always show my dog the love she deserves- because let’s face it, she’s a real Disney princess. And they are all good dogs anyway.

Did last year go quickly for you as well? Or was it a well paced jaunt of a year? Let me know below in the comments or tell me about your wishes for 2019!

Believe me yours truly,


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  1. 4th January 2019 / 12:25 pm

    I agree with so much of what you’ve said here. I thought 2018 went insanely quick, it almost didn’t give me time to breathe. I do love Colchester Zoo – I’ve been so many times and it’s always a fab day out. I’ve also realised how much more growing up I’ve yet to do and it’s definitely a scary thought!

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