A Trip to the Castle

A Trip to the Castle

For my birthday my parents surprised me with a trip to Warwick Castle. I love history, especially War of the Roses stuff, so this was the perfect treat.  DSCF5261Warwick Castle is 1,100 year old and was notably once home to Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick. Neville was also known as the ‘Kingmaker’. Suffice to say he was an immensely important political figure in his day. Check out this page if you are interested in learning more about the castle’s history. Today Neville’s castle is quite the tourist attraction. There’s lots going on when you visit including jousting matches,  a massive trebuchet flinging a ball of fire and actors playing the parts of historical figures all around you. It’s a very immersive experience. the actors are all pretty amazing at their job. History and entertainment are jelled together perfectly at Warwick Castle, learning has never seemed less dull. I wasn’t surprised to see they had partnered up with Horrible Histories for some of their attractions.

Alas, my birthday is now a thing of the past😦. To keep the spirit of the day alive I thought I would share a photo tour of my day with you guys. So prepare yourself for a trip to the past…


We traveled up to Warwick on Sunday morning and we got to see some historic artifacts even before we got to the castle:

DSCF5179After a very entertaining session where we got to watch the portcullis being opened and hear about castle defense strategies, we got to  explore some rooms in the castle, read about their history and try on helmets:

DSCF5186DSCF5195DSCF5201DSCF5202DSCF5199Outside we found an area where they housed some impressive birds:

DSCF5207DSCF5208DSCF5210The peacocks had a whole garden to themselves. They were very friendly and tame.  I even got one to eat out of my hand!  In the same garden there was a beautiful fountain and there was also a tent that housed a Gorgeous Georgian😉 She sang happy birthday to me and gave a talk about Georgianbeauty tips, including putting lead paint on your face!

DSCF5233DSCF5239After midday there was a joust. It was epic stuff!


My favourite bit of the day was watching one of the peacocks negotiate his way through a peacock sized maze:

bilp5At the end of the day we retired to a local bed and breakfast that is apparently haunted, but I didn’t investigate that aspect of it too thoroughly…

The B&B was lovely and quite old in itself. It was built in the 15th century. There were even suits of armour scattered about:

I had a lovely day. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday surprise😀.

Have you been on a special day out recently?

Ren x

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