24 Blogmas Post Ideas

24 Blogmas Post Ideas

Blogmas involves posting on a blog every day in the run up to Christmas. It’s a fun Christmas challenge and I always love reading Blogmas posts but I can see how trying to come up with that many ideas could be a struggle. So I have had a bit of fun drafting a list of prompts that some people may find useful.

Stuck for Blogmas ideas? Why not try out some of my post prompts below:

  1. Highlights of the year
  2. Favourite books read this year
  3. Favourite films watched this year
  4. Top songs that had you grooving this year
  5. Recommend books and films to get you into the Christmas spirit
  6. How to help your pet celebrate Christmas (costumes, presents or Christmas day walks)
  7. Favourite Christmas memory
  8. Cutest Christmas decorations from your collection
  9. Favourite Christmas tradition
  10. The work Christmas party: love it or hate it?
  11. This year’s Christmas jumper
  12. Light a candle for Christmas: Favourite Christmas scents
  13. Battle of the Christmas Songs: Write about your favourite Christmas song and then get someone else to write about  their favourite. Which is best? Maybe let the comments decide.
  14. Battle of the Christmas Films. Same as above but substitute song for film 🙂
  15. Blogmas Prepper or Pantser: Blogging everyday takes a bit of dedication. Explain your blogmas process, whether that involved prepping weeks before or just posting on the fly.
  16. Christmas crafting: Perhaps you have a  receipe, DIY decoraction guide or something like that to share?
  17. Favourite Vlogmas videos: Vlogmas, the youtubers blogmas. If you have a few fave vloggers why not share some of their Vlogmas posts this Christmas . You could help someone find their new favourite youtuber and get into the Christmas spirit at the same time.
  18. Charitable Christmas: Help raise awareness for any charitable opportunities you know about that people can contribute to, such as Operation Christmas Child
  19. Fave photos from a past Christmas: Found some old Christmas photos from years ago? Why not share them and reminisce
  20. Ideal Christmas party: If you could invite anyone, real or fictional, to a Christmas party who would be on the guest list?
  21. Favourite Christmas present you have ever recieved
  22. Favourite Christmas present you have ever given to someone else
  23. It’s kind of a funny story: Ever worked in retail during the Christmas period? If so why not share a story about something funny or heartwarming that happened
  24. Christmas eve to do list: Is last minute present wrapping on the agenda?

I hope one of these ideas will be useful to someone. Let me know if any of them have helped you out. I’d love to see people do some of these prompts and read what they come up with. 🙂

Ren x

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