Root Letter || PS Vita || Pen Pal/Premium Edition || Unboxing

Root Letter || PS Vita || Pen Pal/Premium Edition || Unboxing

Root Letter, released earlier this month, is my most anticipated visual novel of the year. Read on to get a little peak at what’s inside the Pen Pal edition of the game.

Root Letter is the first in a new series of mystery games developed by  Kadokawa Games, and published in English by PQube. It’s a visual novel adventure game set in the real-life Shimane prefecture with a gripping story that unravels through interrogative gameplay.

You play as the protagonist who, after reading a puzzling and disturbing letter from his long lost pen pal, tries to discover what really happened when she went missing 15 years ago. By looking through old letters and interviewing locals and people who knew her, the player attempts to find the truth.

Check out the trailer below for more info:

I am always on the look out for games with excellent story and interesting characters. The Ace Attorney and Professor Layton series. along with Persona 4, Time Hollow, and a whole host of other games, often gain entry on to my favorites lists because they fulfil my wishlist in that regard perfectly. Root Letter looks like it will easily follow in their footsteps.

From what I’ve heard about Root Letter so far it ticks all of my boxes (dark mysteries to de-tangle, characters to interrogate, such fun). So when Rice Digital announced that they would be releasing a Premium Edition of Root Letter, along with the standard edition,  I preordered it as soon as possible. Now, finally, I have received the game. I can’t wait to pop it in my PS Vita and explore the game for myself. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on  it when I’ve finished.

In the meantime take a look at the video below to get a peak at the beautiful contents of the Pen Pal edition (which can be purchased here), featuring envelopes and paper that match the letters in the game, the soundtrack, an art print and a beautiful art book.

My unboxing:

The letter paper and envelopes look adorable and are really the main, unique selling point of this premium edition. I can’t wait to recognise the paper and envelopes as they appear in the game. The other content is also top notch. The soundtrack contains a generous 30 tracks and the artbook looks gorgeous.  However I haven’t had a thorough read of the artbook yet as there’s a recommendation at the front to play the game through to the end before reading it. I look forward to seeing how it adds to my appreciation of the game once I’ve finished it.

All of these premium edition items are set in a slim and pretty presentation box, with the game provided seperately.

Anybody else as excited as I am to play this game? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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